ANGELA FISCHER is a mystic who has been sitting and working with people individually and in groups since her twenties.

She is the author of several books on the spiritual path and the Feminine in general, as well as the particular path of how transformation works for women and the role of women in the transformation and healing of the world.

Born in the middle of the last century in a remote little village in the Eifel mountains of south-western Germany, she spent her early years close to nature and in a simple, natural way of living. From her early childhood she remembers a constant feeling or state of unity with what she called God, and was told later on, to have been in bliss most of the time. Thanks to her parents she was allowed to stay in those states and was not pulled out of them in order to be a down-to-earth-child.

Later on, not long after she went to school, the aliveness of this deep inner connection slowly faded away, and in adolescence, using and enjoying the tools of intellect, she questioned all spiritual and religious teachings and doctrines. It was not before her early twenties that she began to hear again the deep call in her heart.

After graduating from university, receiving a diploma in social sciences, Angela Fischer quit her previously intended academic career, gave away all of her small material possessions and travelled, visiting ancient sacred sites of the Mother Goddess, living in nature and doing organic farming in a community, and later on receiving different trainings in energy healing and body work. Being asked to work in this field, she began leading seminars in 1982. Yet, although all these experiences deepened a sense of inner knowledge and provided the foundation of her work of the early years, neither intellectual studies nor spiritual teachers she met, not her travels nor inner journeys she made, did completely answer the deep need she felt in her soul. Nor did they free her from the grip of her ego identity that was stronger than her mentors and she herself had realised, and that remained a sometimes painful obstacle towards being fully merged into love, united with the Beloved – the one Being – and finding the Truth.

A crucial turnaround happened to her inner and outer life, when she met and was found by her mystical path in 1985, at the age of 29. From then on Angela Fischer has followed the Sufi path – in the tradition of the Golden Sufi Center. Meeting her teachers on this path and being touched by their tremendous grace, she received the response to the deep longing she had felt from the beginning of her life and after which she had pined for a long time.

Shortly afterwards Angela met her husband, gave birth to her first child, and began to live the intensity of family life. Within six years she  became mother of four children, two being twins. Pregnancy and giving birth formed part of her deep spiritual experiences in life. Marriage, having children and leading a family life helped her experience the oneness of life, in which all levels of reality, the inner and outer, the spiritual and the human, the blessings and the challenges come together and are included.

Integrating her work and family life, her focus has been on reanimating a genuine feminine spirituality, one which leads to living women’s spiritual responsibility for life and the earth, as well as recovering the feminine principle in both women and men. In her work with women, Angela Fischer combines the ways of feminine transformation – an ancient wisdom that has never been written down – with the teachings of the path of love as it is alive in the Sufi tradition.
With the help of a small community she takes care of a meditation centre and provides a space for people to meditate and be together, recognising the sacred within themselves, within the earth and within life.
Occasionally she travels and speaks at different events, as she did at a side event of the Paris Climate Summit in 2015, and some other national and international events .

Angela Fischer lives with her husband in the countryside of northern Germany.

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